SMART, Hygienic, Connected ; Greenvac Smart Bin System (SBS) is not only an indispensable part of India’s Swatch Bharath Mission but also plays a key role in global evolution towards Smart City strategy. From the innovated complexes and technology equipped hospitals to the empowered street labors and encouraged citizens, Greenvac Smart Bin system (SBS) can be used in any city, town, park, complex, railway stations, airport, etc.

Collection of waste is a resource-intensive task and without propoer systems, resources are unnecessarily wasted. Whether you’re a private collector of commercial and street waste, or a local authority or municipality, you are challenged to ensure that your bins and containers are collected at the right time. Not too early so that resources are wasted but also not too late when unsightly overfilling can occur. Conventionally, most collection operations depends on experience or hit & trail method to ensure that the waste is collected from each location effectively.

Greenvac Smart Bin System (SBS)’s ability to compact waste, check waste location wise, provide ontime activity statistics, generate past records etc. makes GVS SBS truly SMART system for waste management.
Greenvac application interface can be loged in for a single-destination control board showing data on collection, SBS fullness, volume and more. The Greenvac SBS connects and improves the core services to modernize waste collection and provide access to data that can drive efficient waste management.

Each SBS communicates via Text Message/ WiFi to GVS SBS application interface. When logging to this application from your web browser or mobile devises, various listed stations status, their past reports, on-times movement/activity statistics, signals & more can be accessed from this GVS SBS application interface.


Collection Needs
Automatic compaction when full allows 5x capacity of standard bins.

Waste in Public places can be timely collected which will increase the hygiene and save resources.

Innovative Designing
The Loading hopper are design to keep waste contained while deterring pest access and preventing waste overflow and wind-blown litter.


  • Compacts waste up to 80%
  • Hygiene is maintained
  • Reduces cost
  • Reduces Litter
  • Provide Real time monitoring system
  • Provide statistics for Operational Decisions
  • Reduce traffic and conserves Fuel
  • Increase capacity 5 Times
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint
  • Eliminates Waste Overflow
  • Resources can be utilized properly
  • Keeps Out the Pests
  • Enhances & Modernizes Smart Services
  • SMART Waste management system

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  • Where can they be placed?
  • How do they know when to compact?
  • Why is there a solar panel?
  • Who will maintain the system?
  • Do they work when it’s not sunny?
  • How do they communicate?
  • Can you use them indoors?
  • Can these be stolen?