It is practically seen that Clinical Samples, Blood bags and Pharmacies etc. are not ableto reach required places within time in hospitals, hence, there is a lot of wastage of vary valuable time. We have a solution to offer for the above problem:

Med Freshe Pneumatic Tube System for transportation Clinical Samples, Blood bags and Pharmacies from various locations in a Hospital to Pathology department ,Blood bank or Pharmacy as the case may be and vice versa through overhead Upvc pipes though suction (Pneumatic). Thus Doctors and nursing staff are able to deal with more important task and the qualified staff does not unnecessarily lose time by running errands.

Pneumatic Tube System in the modern clinical centre plays a significant role. Few of the key benefits are as under:-

  • No time wasting due to deliveries and Collections resulting in more efficient nursing staff
  • Automated Sample transportation prevent cross-contamination and prevent germs spreading.
  • Centralised lab solution continuously receive specimen from all sample points and wards.
  • Shorter surgery time, instantaneous and frozen section reach pathology department directly.
  • Fully automated loading and unloading technology for process optimisation.
  • Fully automated sample unloading saves space and time.
  • Peak time period and bottle necks are reduced which in turn ensure efficient analysis and speedy results and staff has less work to do.
  • Overall improvement of the capacity utilisation thereby creating more efficiency.

Med Freshe brings a powerful continuum of solutions, technology, innovation, execution and experience of many years in Pneumatic automation in various extensive and diverse backgrounds. Med Freshe and its technology partners have perfected the development,installation and maintenance of State of Art Pneumatic Solution.

Power Control – Central Controller

Sumetzberger Power Control System Control Software is the latest & most superior Central Control Software developed for Any Pneumatic Tube System over many decades. It monitors the operation and gives information of the status of the system. Also asoftware is integrated which enables editing, maintaining and configuring the system, real time monitoring. It includes the following:-

  • Central Control Unit Hardware for “Power Control – XL”, for maximum of 24 bus systems, for systems up from 128 devices and power transfer.
  • Patchable for connection router to Power Control
  • Central Control Unit – Serial Dongle
  • UPS Uninterruptable Power Supply for PC-Monitoring
  • Power Control – Converter USB to RS232 Interface.
  • Patchable for Connection PC/Laptop to Power Control
  • Software package for Power Control – XL includes the following:
    • Software for one Line,
    • Extension Software for further lines,
    • Software for Code-Tag System/Transponder System
    • Software for Visualization & Editor
    • Software for History & Evaluation
  • Power Supply Unit
  • Power Supply Kit External,
  • Power Supply Connecting Cable for Power Control
  • Keyboard SCB2000/3- Usable for Desktop Installation

Loading Stations – Passthrough

The station is designed for fully automated dispatch and receiving and can be applied as pass through or end station. The user can dispatch a carrier at any time, even if the system is busy. In order to ensure a quiet and smooth system operation, carriers are pneumatically braked in the station by air cushion.

Multi Combo Station – Multi Send & Multi Receive

The Pneumatic Station is able to send and receive carriers from the same unit. The user can dispatch a carrier at any time, even if the system is busy. It is Microprocessorcontrolled Station. The Lab is provided with this type of Station to handle bulk loads.Touch Panel screen for Critical Areas Stations

Auto Unload Station

SIX Zone Systems with Linear Transfer Unit To increase the throughput of the system and decrease the waiting time and system time, the system has been divided into Six zones, connected to each other with a Line Distribution Unit Transfer Zone.Tubing All the Straight tubes, Bends, Sleeves and System Cable for this project shall be imported from Sumetzberger. Blowers SU-6 with VFD only consumes 2.6 KWh

  • This combination of the Blower and VFD gives best throughput with low electricity consumption
  • The Samples to the Lab go at a Controlled Speed and reduces the risk of Samples getting jerks RFID
  • RFID is a Standard feature & is included in the price offered.
  • This helps in proper management of Carriers with the help of return of empty carriers.
  • Does not allow anything else to go in the system, except for the carrier.
  • Sealed Carriers for Hospitals
  • Carrier transport of different products and it is made by swivel leak resistant seal.

Provided with Code – Tag chips – 2 Nos.

  • Safe for operating personnel
  • Helps to prevent contamination of the tube system
  • Minimize down times or added costs when cleaning the system
  • Easily Exchangeable colored coding rings
  • Infusion bottles can be transported in the system.

Auto Unload Carrier

Carrier with Automatic Opening on both Ends, Including Code – Tag Chips – 2 Nos.

Automatic Carrier Unloading Station

  • Fully automatic high capacity sending and receiving station

Provides automatic carrier unloading process:

  • Carriers automatically opened
  • sample bag slides out
  • carrier automatically closed
  • carrier automatically returned to origin – target generation by RFID