Composting provides a way not only of reducing the amount of organic waste, but also of converting it into a product that is useful for gardening, landscaping, or ho use plants. Through it, we are giving back some which we have taken from the nature & we are saving our greener earth.

Complete Organic Waste Management Solutions Provider:
We, Greenvac Solutions Pvt Ltd help you to manage the organic waste in an ecofriendly, economical & efficient manner. Special

Features of Greenvac Solutions Composting Machines:

  • Highly compact size & fully automatic in process.
  • Processes all types of organic waste (Kitchen waste) like vegetables, roti, eggs, chicken bones, fish bones, vegetable or fruit peels etc etc.
  • 85% To 90% Volume reduction of organic waste into high quality compost.
  • Removal of residue once in 7 to 10 days
  • No addition of microorganisms in process of decomposition
  • Noiseless, Odorless, Maintenance-free.
  • No harmful gases & no pathogens.


  • High quality composting tank that makes it very durable.
  • High quality stainless steel shaft and blades.
  • High quality exterior panels. The top cover and the outer body is made of
  • Stainless Steel ensuring a longer life against corrosion
  • Higher diameter used for the design of shaft and blades which ensures trouble free operation

User ‘s Safety :

  • Overload function – Machine comes to a halt in case of overload.
  • Indicators are provided for power, heater, overload and power saving mode.
  • Internal mixing blades automatically stop when waste input door or compost removal door is opened.
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface) is also installed with a 7.7” touch screen wherein all the parameters are present for easy operation.

Contribution to Environment :

  • Reduce waste at source, Recycles waste into compost and Reuse of compost for plants, garden and farming.
  • Cost savings
  • Helps in creating zero garbage cities.
  • Preserves landfills space, protects Environment, Protects Economy
  • Reduces water pollution
  • Protects wildlife
  • Last but not the least, prevents global warming


Waste Audit – We analyze your specific requirement from the amount of waste generated.
Selection of capacity – Basis of amount of waste generated, we select the capacity of machine
Installation- We take care of complete installation by our trained & professional engineers & as well as post installation support by time to time services and replacement of spares.

Applications :

Fully automatic composting machines addresses the waste management needs of a variety of residential and commercial spaces.

  • Apartment Complexes
  • Office Campuses & IT Parks (Canteens, Foo courts)
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Large Private Residences
  • Municipalities
  • Malls


  • What cant be Composted?
  • Is any operator required?
  • How much space required for installation of machine?
  • If any hard metal goes in machines then what will happen?
  • If power cuts between the process?