Waste (garbage) Handling/ Transportation and Collection are one of the most key factors in a facility.
Greenvac offers a Smart, Green, flexible, sustainable & cost-effective solution to collect and transfer waste from the point of generation to a central collection point through pneumatic pipelines.

Waste (garbage) from all floors of a building/multiple buildings is transported via these network of tubes running in a building vertically and horizontally throughout the facility.

The public dustbins are large in number. A network of underground tubes connects all these dustbins. Once the dustbin is filled with garbage, a sensor activates and the garbage is transported via this network of tubes to a central collection point. Thereby removing all manual practices of emptying and cleaning the dustbin. What ‘it also does is it makes sure no waste is exposed in thepublic areas thereby improving hygiene, aesthetics, etc.

With a proper solution, Hospitals, Hotels, Golf Courses, Housing Complex’s, Airport’s, Railway/Metro Station’s, Township’s, Stadium’s, Parks, Beaches or any Public area can achieve various benefits like :

  • Hygiene is maintained.
  • Facilities are kept cleaner.
  • Reduced carbon footprint.
  • No odor.
  • No rodents, insects, flies due to waste.
  • Emphasis on aesthetics.
  • Limited exposure to waste.
  • Automated Solution.
  • Space traditionally dedicated to trash collection can be reclaimed.
  • Improvement in Lifestyle.
  • Less visible Trash/Linen- Minimizes human contact.
  • More than 40 years of experience in Pneumatic Solutions.
  • Less staff required for collection & segregation.
  • Less traffic of trucks in the facility.
  • Green solution.
  • Sealed automated solution for transportation.
  • Cleaner environment- inside a building & outside.
  • No. air pollution.
  • Eliminates cross contamination
  • Adhere to SWACH BHARAT MISSION etc.
  • Other quantifiable benefits of an automated system include:
  • Vital part of the “green building” technology.
  • Increased management tools via secure log-ins for system access.
  • Detailed management, reporting, and control over the working of the staff and required area etc.

This system can be used for Soiled Laundry.

Types of system:

  • 90MM
  • 110MM
  • 160MM
  • 200MM
  • 300MM
  • 400MM
  • 500MM
  • 600MM

Conventional System: Gravity Chute or Manual Collection

In Gravity chute system waste could only travel horizontally down with gravity, the problems faced is that in the chute food and various things get stuck, there is a lot of problem to clean the chutes, lot of material gets stuck. While throwing the waste through gravity chute, once the waste hits the ground it blast and creates a pool of waste in the basement (collection room) due to its high speed of gravity. Rodents, insects, etc. are all outcomes of this system. Infection is a big issue with these conventional systems.

Manual collection is a very tedious and time-consuming process in larger facilities. Every source point needs to be accessed from where waste can be collected. Since it is such a tedious process usually collection can only take place once a day thereby creating large reserves of waste at source points. Also all public areas are exposed with the waste and thereby exposing people as well.


Case Study

A study analyzing Manual collection Vs. Pneumatic Waste Collection System keeping in mind the exposure time of Waste. Exposure time by manually removing waste was 1,344 minutes compared with 102 minutes for an automated process in a 500 Bed Hospital / 500 Apartment’s Infrastructure.

Pneumatic transportation of waste or laundry minimizes environment & public exposure time by more than 90 percent since the entire system is automated & sealed.